Our Services

Daily requirements for your Child

Bottles/and or formula
Drink bottle for water
Morning/afternoon tea: Fruit or healthy alternatives
Enough nappies for time in care
Change of clothes
Sunscreen (if providing own)


All children will be given the opportunity to attend excursions as part of a developmentally appropriate program.

A Permission Slip will be required to be completed and signed by parents before a child can participate in an excursion. It is not compulsory for any child to attend an excursion.

An up-to-date first aid kit will be taken on all excursions. At least one Educators member attending will hold a current First Aid Certificate.


Qualified Educators within the centre are able to administer medication, but only in the event where:

It is prescribed by a doctor and has the original label detailing the child’s name and required dosage. It is over the counter medicine (prescribed for that age) that has been authorised by parent/guardian.

The medication form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian prior to medication being administered.

Enrolment Information

A parent who wishes to enrol a child must complete the prescribed Enrolment Form and submit this form on or before the first day of attendance. The Enrolment Form must be completed in full and checked by an authorised Educators member.

The Child’s Birth Certificate and proof of immunisation must be sighted by enrolling Educators. Enrolment forms will be kept in a confidential file. Access to this information is available only to authorised Educators, enrolling parents and Commonwealth department officers.

Late Collection

Parents/guardians who are unavoidably detained and are unable to collect their child at the negotiated collection time must telephone the centre to advise of their lateness and expected time of arrival.

No Nuts

Due to the possibility of severe reactions in children with an allergy to nuts, the Narrogin Regional Child Care Centre enforces a
no nut policy.

Parents/guardians are asked not to send any items containing nuts in children’s lunch boxes. In particular we ask that you do
not send:
peanut butter, on or in anything
any other nut based spread (eg. Nutella)
any item containing pieces of nuts (eg. biscuits or muesli bars).

Please click below to download a copy of our Parent Handbook which outlines our goals, procedures and guidelines.

Please click below to download a copy of our Enrolment Form