Mobile Outreach



Encourage children to be considerate and respect themselves, others and equipment.

Encourage and guide children to appreciate the importance of equality and equal opportunity.

Foster positive attachments between children and educators.

Encourage children to make choices and take on new challenges.

Foster physical development.

Foster language and literacy development.

Foster personal and interpersonal development.

Foster curiosity, logical inquiry and mathematical thinking.

Foster creative and aesthetic development using movement, music and visual-spatial forms of expression.

Actively promote hygienic and safe practices.

Provide an environment that challenges and stimulates the children’s strengths, interests, development and needs.

Encourage children to work towards independence.

Encourage children to use manners.

Seek parents’ input into the service’s planning, program and operations.

Guide children’s behaviour in a positive way.

Encourage educators to share their knowledge, experiences and concerns with one another.

Provide educators with regular professional resources and development opportunities.

Utilize community resources.

At the Narrogin Mobile Child Care Service we endeavour to create an environment in which families and educators work together to provide quality care for all children regardless of their cultural and language background, gender, ability, or family structure. We believe that quality care comes through children and educators developing positive attachments as well as educators and families developing open and honest communication.

We believe all children should have access to both indoor and outdoor environments as well as experiences which promote development in all developmental domains.

We believe the environment should be safe and clean, yet allowing children to explore and develop.

Our service believes in a quality program focused on the development of individuals and the needs and interests of groups. We believe the program should encourage independence, respect and manners. We believe educators should use a variety of observation techniques to develop programs. To ensure the program is effective educators will evaluate each program and ask parents for their input through both verbal and non-verbal means.

We believe children’s behaviour should be guided in consultation with families and the community. Behaviour management will be individualized and based on positive guidance strategies.

We value and respect the ideas and qualities of each individual member of the educators and accept them as an important part of our team. We encourage educators to support each other, expressing concerns openly and to share ideas, needs and interests.

We welcome family and community involvement in all aspects of the service.

Corrine Kirby- Mobile Coordinator

Corrine Kirby – Mobile Coordinator

I have been working with Children in a Child Care Setting for the past 30 years and currently have a Diploma in Children’s Services.

I am Supervising Officer for both Mobile Services being in Pingelly and Wickepin.

First Aid Officer